Selvel One can trace its roots back to the year 1945, when four young and ambitious college friends, decided to start a new company. A few years into its formation two of the friends moved on, leaving Mr. Rusi B. Gimi and Mr. Soli Nicholson to strive on.

In 1963, with the zonal allocation of businesses, Mr. Gimi shifted base to Kolkata. Since then, the Gimi Family owned and managed East and North India and the Nicholson Family took charge of the West India operations. East India is now under the name of Selvel Advertising and is being managed by the Mehta Family, South India by the Bahadurji Family under the name of Vantage Advertising, and North India headed and managed by the Daroga family under the Selvel Media Advertising banner. A strategic re-alignment of sites was done in West India in order to bring it effectively under direct family control.

To Create a Buzz
Reach Mass Audiences
Direct Customers to your Business


Be the best rather than just the biggest Out of Home company in India and the sub-continent.Retain the optimism, zest and for innovation and technology that set us apart as pioneers.Serve our clients above and beyond their expectations.Foster and nurture relationships with all stake holders.Act and lead rather than react and follow

DIGITAL OOH is still in its infancy in the country, it is time for the Group to maximize theopportunity that the data-driven digital medium brings. The Selvel One Grouphas plans to achieve its goal of driving the digital OOH in India in multiple ways.We have begun to participate in LED driven tenders and also identify existinginfrastructure, which we can convert into LED/ Digital Signage’s. Our Group hasplans to install high profile and unique Spectaculars at iconic locations in the
cities and to establish a digital presence in the malls.

Strong visual impact

The changing images of digital OOH attract maximum attention.

Split Second Turnaround

on simultaneous creative change across locations.

Changing Visuals

Change the display as often as you like because time partitioning is simple on a digital billboard, allowing you to easily switch up creatives throughout the day all on one advertising budget.

Live Updates

Traffic updates, live scores, countdowns and weather updates.

Impact Force

High definition display with rich colors,
and strong innervations are only going to better
the quality of your visual.

No Production Cost

on turnover in addition to day parting schedule.

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We have picked our locations carefully.
This is where you benefit!

Our digital billboards are placed on high-traffic arteries throughout the city ensuring that your brand gets the best exposure to the most traffic.

To connect customers with your brand through Selvel’s various OOH and digital media, there are some simple steps.


Use Selvel’s digital billboards to make a strong visual impact through HD display, change the display at your convenience, showcase live updates and save up on production costs of printing and installing.


Sound Station by Selvel is OOH advertising, Digital Advertising & Audio Advertising combined.With GPS triggered Audio Advertising in AC buses across Kolkata, Sound Station will play your advertisement when the bus passes the billboard advertisement of your brand.

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