Selvel One is India’s leading Out of Home media owner. We help brands get access to the most sought-after innovative advertising to reach and connect with a mass audience.

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Small Businesses

Get customers through your door. From local coffee shops to events, our OOH solutions attract customers to you.

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National Brands

Our pan India footprint with the best locations and multiple media formats provide cost effective reach and frequency for your brand.

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Media Agencies

Our media formats include a wide array of inventory spanning the most sought after locations.

Time that consumers spend out of home 70%
People that see an OOH ad every week 98%
Population that sees a Bus Shelter ad every week 92%
Consumers that see an OOH ad an hour before shopping online 48%
Customers that visit a Website in Response to an OOH Advert 26%
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Outdoor’s greatest communicator is perfect for showing large, ostensibly witty slogans, and distinctive visuals

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LED Screens

The cOOHlist kid on the block. These LED digital OOH screens are exclusive to Selvel in Kolkata at 12 strategic locations and growing.

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Bus Audio

Reach over 8 million commuters daily with Selvel’s Sound Station, a location based GPS triggered audio that entertains and informs commuters in over 150 buses.

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Bus Shelter

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Transit Media

Capture attention with these high frequency moving billboards wrapped on buses and spread across the city.

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Resting on one pole, this modern structure garners more attention and visibility than traditional billboards.

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Pedestrian Overpass

Designed for the safety of children and the convenience of senior citizens, these Foot Over Bridges serve as high visibility to vehicular traffic below.

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Pole Kiosk

Support consecutive message display with optimum affordability. Placed in a sequence, they allow for repetitive advertising and hence result in higher retention.

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Traffic Signals

A 4 sided display media strategically located at junctions that ensures visibility while traffic is stalled.






Bus Shelters


Transit Media


Digital OOH


Years in Business

Branching out into almost every corner of India, Selvel One Group is headquartered in Kolkata with offices in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.

Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Agartala, Asansol, Burdawan, Bhuwaneshwar, Cuttack, Dhanbad, Dibrugarh,Durgapur, Guwahati, Jamshedpur, Malda, Patna, Cooch, Behar, Jalpaiguri, Rourkela, Ranchi, Silchar, and Siliguri.

Get in touch today to know how OOH can help your brand connect and engage consumers that are on the move. We would love to hear from you.