Our History


To be the most trusted and innovative out-of-home company in India



‘To be the leading company for mass communication in the out of home environment.
Embracing technology to continuously re-invent our offerings services and processes.
To be transparent and fair to all our stakeholders.’

Our Founder

Mr. Rusi B. Gimi

A man who belonged to everybody


Late Rusi B. Gimi is one of those who need no introduction. He was a businessman, a philanthropist, a social activist, and an administrator par excellence. Despite very small beginnings in an insurance company, then in a company that sold G.I. buckets, and later as a seller of advertising space, he eventually decided to go into partnership in the business of outdoor advertising. The Company hecreated, Selvel, has today become a household word.
He spared time to dedicate himself to the cause of the downtrodden and
under privileged humanity.

• Rusi Gimi was Chairman, St. John Ambulance Association, West Bengal.
• In 1974, Mr Gimi was appointed by the Government of West Bengal as the Sheriff of Kolkata. He was also appointed as Justice of Peace in 1974.
• Mr Rusi Gimi was the Patron-in-Chief of the Sir Syed Group of Schools Mr Gimi became President of The Rehabilitation Centre for Children in 1975.
• From 1978-1989 he served as Vice President, Lighthouse for the Blind, and helped to establish a Training-cum- Work Centre for the Aged Blind,
• Mr Gimi was associated with the Nava Nir Project, a home for aged women in Calcutta
• He was honoured with the permanent title of “International Counsellor” from
Lions Club International.
• Mr Gimi was the recipient of several prestigious awards which included the Michael Madhusudan Award for outstanding Social Service, Nehru Fellow Award for work for future citizens of India, National Eye Care Training & Research Academy’s two awards for service to the blind and Gold medal for meritorious service to the cause of St. John Ambulance Association at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi by the President of India.
• Rotary Club of Kolkata presented him with the Mahadeolal Saraogi Memorial Award in recognition of his outstanding service to the old, poor and handicapped persons in
West Bengal.

Our History

Amongst the earliest memories universally shared across the length and breadth of the country of are larger than life boards on sturdy structures bearing the legend – Selvel. A few were not quite sure what Selvel stood for but subliminally understood that it was a strong and large company. Thus, almost by accident brand Selvel came into being. It is now recognized as a company with intuitive , leadership and strong values. It remains a pioneer in the field of out of home advertising. The Group is led by a team that combines professionalism with ethical and strong family values. It was started by the Late Rusi Gimi along with three others in 1945. Two of the other four founders dropped out early leaving Mr. Gimi and Mr. Soli Nicholson to soldier on. In 1964 the all India business was divided between the two partners, with Mr. Gimi taking over the business in the North and East and Mr Nicholson the business in the West and South.


In 1984 Vantage Advertising was launched to give Mr. Gimi’s group of companies an all India coverage. At it’s peak the Group established 44 branches around the country. The same management team that had established and operated the 44 branches still leads the
Selvel One Group. The Selvel Vantage Group was divided some years ago along family lines. At that time Selvel Advertising (Kolkata) floated the Selvel One Group to create an all India presence. We currently have 17 branches and would like to set up several more to avail of opportunities, local knowledge and contacts which we maintain around the country. A detailed break-up of our reach by states, cities, towns, and inventory classification is an appendix to this
introductory document.

A Company of Firsts

Selvel has always been known as the pioneers of OOH in India. In many ways it has been the nursery of the industry and for quite a few years all professionals heading various agencies had been trained at Selvel.

• The ubiquitous 20×10 hoarding that has become the industry work horse was started by us.

• The actual 4 piece construction method of the 20×10 using GI sheets with a wooden frame  was developed by us.
• We started the practice of displaying sites on Municipal land for mutual benefit.
• We started the practice of displaying sites at market places.
• We started airport advertising
• We started railways advertising.
• We initiated traffic signals advertising.
• We put up the first monopoles.
• We pioneered large format printing.
• We displayed the first backlit boards.
• We displayed the first LED screens in the country.

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