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Selvel has tied up with UNILUMIN, which is among the top 3 LED manufacturers in the world. Through this partnership, we aim to change the scenario of cloud management based LED display in India. No matter what the application is, our industry leading features and performance will improve the visual experience of your brand. We get the job done! Configuration flexibility, serviceability, and reliability are what make us the benchmark
for LED hardware solutions.


Bigger. Faster. Better.

The four main features of this product are
1. Stability – 12% transparency and high wind resistance
2. Easy and quick maintenance, within 20s
3. Light –  Quick moving – ≤23.5kg/㎡
4. Fast installation

The best applications of this product are music festival, business and concerts.  The minimalist design also helps in reducing labor cost, improving efficiency and saving time. 

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Usurface III

The Usurface III series products are a new generation of outdoor fixed LED displays launched by Unilumin. This series is designed with standard size module suitable for different cabinets and has a pitch of 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, and 16 mm available for selection. Aluminium alloy cabinet is ultra-light and has a better heat dissipation performance. Fanless natural cooling structure design achieves zero noise, compared with traditional products, the power consumption is reduced by 30%~40%. Ultra-bright LEDs with lower power consumption can achieve a natural and true-to-life displaying effect. The Usurface III series is durable and highly adaptable to various application environments.

Our Solutions

Security Monitoring

LED control rooms are seamless and provide superior brightness. We provide for broadcast, control rooms, sports, corporate spaces, rental and staging and outdoor advertising to customers.

Video Conference

Remote video supports dynamic multi-server cluster deployment and provides multiple high-performance servers. It has good interconnection and interworking, better security, higher reliability, stability and support different conference modes.


The monitoring signal types can be classified as CCTV signal, TV HD signal and computer monitoring data RGB signal. Needless to say, integrated display and control with access to multiple video and data information will undoubtedly become the best choice for radio and television monitoring network construction.

Control Room

Narrow pixel pitch LED screen display system is responsible for multifunctional and comprehensive applications.

Landscape Lighting

Reinventing light culture with technology and design.

Professional Lighting

We also provide customers with municipal road lighting, expressway lighting, tunnel lighting, energy saving renovation of indoor lighting and other LED lighting application solutions. 


Stadium LED perimeter solutions.


Outdoor high brightness LED display, modular waterproof.

Retail Display

Retail specific LED displays to help you realise successful innovation.

Some more impressive advantages of LED display solutions are are:

Design Potential

The large, colorful and innovative designs demand attention.

Exclusive Space

The brand which is advertising has exclusivity of space.


It offers flexibility of ad size and location.

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