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Burger King

Burger King wanted to utilize OOH to increase awareness of their $1.20 Original Chicken Sandwich promotion in the Phoenix, Arizona market by displaying creative unique to the Cardinals game results. This was an extension of their sponsorship support of the Arizona Cardinals.

The Challenge
To bring forward media that was flexible enough so that creative could be changed within hours, frequently on Sundays due to the scheduling of NFL games.

The Problem
How would Burger King use special sales promotions to drive traffic to in-market locations?

The Solution
Launch a digital OOH campaign built around real time scoring updates of the
local NFL team. Scroll below images to see how!


Generate awareness of “2 for $5 Mix and Match”. This digital billboard creative was available throughout the duration 
of the campaign.


On game days (and the day after) a “$1.20 Original Chicken Sandwich” promotion would be unlocked via the OOH media ONLY if the Arizona Cardinals scored more than 20 points in their game.


If the Cardinals did not score 20 points, the “2 for $5 Mix and Match” creative would run as previously programmed.

Why did this work?

There were 11 digital bulletins located on the high traffic areas around Phoenix targeting sports fans and providing general markt coverage of 96 Burger King restaurants. The media plan and superb quality of the digital OOH medium helped in aggressive marketing of the product (sandwich).

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