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Bus Audio &
Communication Branding

Selvel-NEXT has introduced a new concept of Bus branding with Audio + outdoor integration – an exclusive audio channel in these buses.

Advertising in today’s world is getting a facelift with relevance-based communication. We understand ‘awareness’ is a very important aspect in marketing that needs to be timed and placed well. We have achieved exactly this by associating with Volvo buses across Kolkata & introducing a GPS triggered device that can be programmed to play ads at the right location. An android-based application will be installed in the phone which will be the medium for playing a range of music genres. The buses shall entertain the passengers with essentially mood-mapped music and provide important information all day long. With a reach of over 80,00,000 people, there is no better way to capture the audience in the bus.

Some impressive advantages of Sound Station are:


Mood mapped music to cater to every mood of the day

Spot Booking

Affordable spot booking and Fixed Commercial Time’s

GPS Trigger

Location based GPS triggered connectivity. Time & location specific Ads to capture the right target group.


Content Creation

Dedicated team of talented minds to create verbal and musical content
(Eg. Ad’s & Jingles)


Listenership / Audio map
report generation.

Live Updates

Client Led updates like weather, traffic, gold rates, astrology etc.

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